Robb Cole, singer, songwriter, dancer and designer. He played violin at the age of six and was invited to various international singing competitions and festivals.
As Roberto Colonna and with his album "Ecco l'estate" he gained his first experiences on stage and with the media world.
For several years he was accompanied, as a solo artist from some big Italian artists, to mention: Fiordaliso, Mino Reitano, Enrico Ruggeri, I Nomadi this are just some of the Great names. He achieved major successes between the events and concerts on the piazzas in Italy and the guest appearances on the Italian TV RAI 3.

That same year he met the English producer Simone D. Sanders (Phil Carmen), and at the same time he signed the contract for the musical "Jour de Gloire" where he further trained in dance and singing.

Robb met the Italian producer and songwriter, resident in the USA Sergio Fertitta. Fertitta, produced for Gianna Nannini, Shaggy, Snoop Dogg or Coolio, he produced the 2004 single "This Night", released under the label of Pop Schwiiz “Tellmusic”.

Under the record label K-Tel (International) Switzerland AG was released the next single "You Always Lie" with music video.

In the end of 2006 he produced the music video in America - Los Angeles for "Prisoner - Prigioniero" shot for the fans and media in two languages. With this he received inquiries from Belgium, Italy, Spain, South America and Switzerland.

Robb enthusiastic in the early 2007 not only the European music fans, he was invited to India for a few concerts.
With his business partner and today's manager, he founded his own record label, artist events agency and publishing, the company known today as rc-music records. By mid-2007 founded label, came also his big breakthrough, he produced with Sergio Fertitta his Italian album "Indescrivibile" and had since then an appearance/concert by another.
With the company Viva Music, and the Ex Miss Europe Giorgia Tisseli as co-star, it was another collaboration for the video clip, release of his single "Prendimi o mollami".

For Valentine's Day he was able to produce another music video "Solo tu", filmed in the romantic setting of the new Cinema in Switzerland. At the same time he supported the Foundation for sick Children with some of his songs.
"Dancing On The Beach" the summer hit, as a duet with the pop-dance queen from the 80's Spagna (Call Me or Easy Lady). Since the release, the single placed immediately into the international charts and was included on numerous compilations.

"Dancing On The Beach" and "Tra il dire e fare" was asked by ZYX-Music Germany or Disco Planet Records Italy for their publications. With a club-mix of the Boystownstudios in England, another remix was created for the release of "Tra il dire e fare".

With, You Can Fly "Robb began the new year. The song was written from the producer Theo Spagna and Davide Riva with Lyrics from Robb Cole, it was recorded as Dance and Lounge - track.
The summer Hit "I Love What I Do" was recorded in collaboration with the aspiring DJ and producer Bytepunk and was released as a club single.

With Splendido, was released another successful single, which were played in the Italian TV and Radio stations. The Dance Powerhouse Track, Whichever Way That You Go 'was presented as a medley with, Dancing On The Beach' at the gala presentation of the Prix Walo TV Show in Switzerland. The song is written and composed by the British producer Patrick Jordan for Stephen Budd Management UK.

With his new, coming big project, Robb makes itself strong against 'discrimination' of any kind. Together with a strong team and management, the CMP Italy & producer Luca Venturi he has written the main track of this project "Domani e’ un altro giorno".

For his new album, "Domani e’ un altro giorno", about to eight international producers have worked on it, so also his new management team and producer from Italy Luca Venturi – CMP Italy or the Pop Princess Marie Claire D'Ubaldo (The Rhythm Is Magic, with over 40 million albums sold), which also produced for Celine Dion and Enrique Iglesias. Or the Hit - producer from England, Patrick Jordan (Leona Lewis, Il Divo), which wrote the song Whichever Way That You Go. Ivana Spagna, the dance Queen from the 80’s (Easy Lady or Call Me), was represented in the top international charts, with the Duet produced by Robb Cole feat. Spagna 'Dancing On The Beach', will be also on the album.

These are just some of the names that have co-worked for this project.